Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage: Olmsted-Inspired Baltimore City Tour

May 11, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage Headquarters

The Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage will be hosting an Olmsted-Inspired Baltimore City Tour which focuses on the 33rd Street Corridor connecting Charles Village on the west to Mayfield on the east. Inspired by the Olmsted Brothers 1904 Report Upon the Development of Public Grounds for Greater Baltimore, this section of Baltimore City encompasses the 1918 expansion of Baltimore City above North Avenue. The Charles Village neighborhood represents the first of North Baltimore’s Garden Suburbs with its original 1890s Peabody Heights Company development set-backs, offering front yard gardens and the site of Enoch Pratt’s Library Branch No. 6, now The Village Learning Place (Special Project below). This tour highlights the legacy of Johns Hopkins, Founder, from the University’s Homewood campus on Charles Street to his Clifton Mansion off St. Lo Drive in the City’s Clifton Park. Both Homewood House and Clifton Mansion now shine as the best of the best national landmark restorations. Follow 33rd Street and the Alameda , the Olmsted-designed transverse parkway, to tour a representative Oakenshawe and Mayfield house. In Mayfield, an Olmsted-designed residential parkway, Norman Avenue, stretches from Clifton Park to Chesterfield Avenue bordering Herring Run Park. Tour the Maryland State Boychoir Center for the Arts facing Norman Avenue and enjoy the historic bells rung on the hour for 5 minutes. In tribute to all mothers on Mother’s Day weekend, the City tour features Mothers’ Garden in Clifton Park for a delightful respite along the way.

The tour cost $35.00 ($37.22 w/service fee).

For descriptions and specific locations for the tour, please visit:  

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