Virtual History Presentation: The Olmsted Firm’s Evolving Relationship with Roland Park Company

June 3, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Virtual History Presentation: The Olmsted Firm's Evolving Relationship with Roland Park Company

Join us for a special Virtual History exploring the relationship between Olmsted’s firm and the Roland Park Company.

The Baltimore Architecture Foundation (BAF) and Baltimore Heritage present the Virtual Histories Series: 30 minute live virtual tours and presentations focusing on Baltimore architecture, preservation and history. Hosted every Friday at 1:00 pm EST.

Author Ann G. Giroux will give a Virtual History on “The Olmsted Firm’s Evolving Relationship with the Roland Park Company” starting at 1:00pm. The Roland Park Company, headed by Edward H. Bouton, collaborated with the Olmsted firm on numerous projects both in and out of Baltimore’s historic Roland Park Company District. This professional relationship, which spanned several decades, produced dramatically different landscape treatments, reflecting Bouton’s growing experience, confidence and stature, evolving trends in suburban residential design, and financial considerations. This program will show through pictures and plans how the Olmsteds adapted their planning principles to meet Bouton’s requirements for the communities of Roland Park (1890s), Guilford (1910s) and Homeland (1920s)

About Our Presenter

Formerly a consultant for historic projects in the State of Maryland, author Ann G. Giroux now spends her time researching and writing about The Roland Park Company District in, northern Baltimore City . She is an avid historic home and garden enthusiast who alternates between digging in her Guilford garden and digging through dusty archival records. Ann has served as a member of the Guilford Association Board of Managers, of the Guilford Architectural Review Committee, and of the Friends of Maryland’s Olmsted Parks and Landscapes’ Board of Directors.

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